The Beta reading for freebird closed, but if you'd still like to know more of if you're New to Beta reading, then let me introduce you.

Beta readers get to read a book that hasn't been published, give their opinion and help shape the final touches of the story. This book has been through an Alpha reader stage, and now is ready to move on to a larger pool of test readers. You get a free copy of the finished, but still raw, book.That means it hasn't been professionally edited yet. There will inevitably be some spelling and grammar mistakes, but the purpose of you reading it now, is to help polish the text by answering questions on what you like, what you don't, and what you feel. (You are free to make note of any grammar or spelling corrections if you want, but please stop if it’s distracting you from the overall reading.)


Honesty is the most important trait in a beta reader. There's nothing wrong with being kind, but if you don't speak up about what isn't working for you, that would only hurt the story. (And quite frankly, make this whole process a pointless waste of time) If you don’t like, feel annoyed by or hate something, speak up. First and foremost, Beta reading is about YOUR OPINION.

Here's what to look for:

As you read, watch for any times you find yourself saying...
“Huh?______________ If you don’t know what’s going on, or feel confused.
“ugh.”_________________ If you hate what someone said, thought, or did.
“uh-huh”____________________ if you felt something was over explained.
 “yep”________________ If you saw something coming before it happened.
“Eh.”________________________________ If you feel board at any point.
“Yes!”____ If you like something, make note of it, because it could disappear!
“Oh!”_ If the book made you feel an emotion. (did you laugh, cry, get mad?)

 If you have any additional comments, that’s welcome too. The more you put in to it the better!

 It is perfectly acceptable to state “I don’t know.” Or leave some questions blank. Yep, that’s helpful too. That shows where the text didn't leave an impression. That being said, any time you can give a fuller description is appreciated. As you read more chapters, you may find the questions repetitive. If you do, you're welcome to say "Same" or “I have nothing to add.”

What if I want to quit?

 If you feel the desire to stop reading this book for any reason- that's okay! Believe it or not, that’s helpful information too! Let us know by filling out the three short "I quit" closing questions and then you're free. No hard feelings. 

Where can you give your opinions? 

Most of the responses will be collected on the Beta sign in page. Once you sign in to be a beta we'll give you the password to the Beta lounge. There, you can fill out the questions at your own pace. If that doesn't interest you, you're welcome to send us a private message at the contact page and we'll discuss what works for you.

Legal stuff

It should be noted that this manuscript is protected by copyright law. Any attempt to plagiarize this material will result in legal action. You may be forced to reimburse any earnings that are lost due to the plagiarism, in addition to covering attorney fees. You can find out more on:



test read the first chapter

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